Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators 2022

The Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators 2022 are now accepting applications.

Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators

The Ashden Awards enable companies, charities, governments, and others in the UK and low-income countries to promote climate innovation.

They support organizations that promote social justice while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Grants, recognition, and precious new contacts are available to winners and finalists, as well as support from internationally recognized climate experts.

This year’s Ashden Awards will recognize climate innovators who are changing the world of work, such as those who are developing jobs and skills for the UK’s low-carbon transition and the global spread of clean energy, or those who are working to make every job a green one.

Benefits of Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators

  • Winning an Ashden Award entitles you to a cash reward of up to £25,000 as well as continuous development assistance ranging from expert coaching to pro bono legal assistance.
  • They present winners to funders, investors, politicians, journalists, and others who are aware of the Ashden Award’s unique significance and the thoroughness of their rigorous evaluation process.
  • They’ll make a promotional video about your work and share your narrative in mainstream and niche media, as well as via their expanding digital platforms. Previous winners have gotten publicity on Sky News, The Telegraph, Times of India, Al Jazeera, New Scientist, and other major media outlets.
  • Your ideas, needs, and insights will be at the core of their significant studies, toolkits, and events, which affect the perspectives of major climate decision-makers, as an award winner.
  • All winners become members of the Ashden network, which allows them to meet new people via seminars, investor pitching events, and connections to powerful policymakers.

Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators Requirement

  • Businesses, NGOs, government organizations, social enterprises and community groups are all eligible.
  • Work must be currently available to clients, customers or beneficiaries.

Judging Criteria

  • The work that is submitted for an award must be groundbreaking. It might include new technology, new marketing and distribution methods, or a new method of sharing training and skills. It might include better finance channels or a novel company concept.
  • Work should also have the ability to make a meaningful difference. A significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increased incomes, improved health, decreased inequality, or a mix of beneficial outcomes might be the result. Impact may be accomplished by the expansion of the applying organization or the diffusion of their ideas to other organizations.
  • Initiatives should increase resilience and be as democratic and inclusive as feasible, including input from the people they help, especially marginalized groups. Applicants must also demonstrate effective governance and management.

Application for Ashden Awards for Climate Innovators

Apply in English using the online application portal. The application portal gives you the option to answer some of the questions by recording a video message rather than filling in a form.

To Apply Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: March 15, 2022

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