ALX/Udacity Tech Scholarship 2022 for Young Africans

ALX/Udacity Tech Scholarship 2022 for Young Africans is available for African students by offering in-demand tech skills development.

Apply for the fully-funded ALX/Udacity Digital Scholarship 2022, which aims to change the lives of 60,000 African students by offering in-demand tech skills development, as well as a connected community and experienced network to help them establish a worldwide technology career.

This is for you if you’re fascinated by the global digital disruptions and want to learn specific skills that can help you break into a high-paying, internationally relevant IT profession.

You will be eligible to join The Room, a strong worldwide network of the world’s greatest talent after you have completed your program. You may network with your future employer, continue your professional and personal growth, raise cash as an entrepreneur, attend inspirational events, discover mentors, and improve your career for the rest of your life in The Room.


  • Open to African young people aged 18 to 35.
  • Fresh graduates, career changers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and junior to mid-level professionals that want to make a positive change in their life for free.

How to Apply:

STEP 1: Explore available Scholarship Programmes
Foundational – Beginner Level Programme
Nanodegree – Advanced Level Programme
STEP 2: Choose your specialization
Select the Nanodegree program or course you are most interested in and that fits your career goals.
STEP 3: Check your programme
Read all the programme information such as expected outcomes, prerequisites, duration…etc. Ensure you meet the requirements.
STEP 4: Apply
Apply by clicking the Apply Now button, complete your profile and fill in the application.

Click here to begin.

Deadline: Ongoing

Visit the official website for more information.

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