Alfred Friendly Investigative Reporting Fellowship in USA 2023

Alfred Friendly Investigative Reporting Fellowship in USA 2023 program starts with a three-week orientation and training course at the Missouri School of Journalism.

The Alfred Friendly Investigative Reporting Fellowship in the United States is accepting applications.

The late Alfred Friendly, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and former managing editor of The Washington Post, conceived a fellowship program that would both impart American journalistic traditions and respond to worldwide interest in the dissemination of fair and accurate news, believing that a strong, free press is essential to the healthy functioning of a democracy. Working side by side with reporters and editors, according to Alfred Friendly, is the finest way to learn the actual realities of journalism in our nation and the critical function it plays in our society. To immerse journalists in American newsrooms, he devised the program that bears his name. Alfred Friendly Press Partners has taught over 320 journalists from more than 80 nations and put them in approximately 70 newsrooms since 1984.

The fellowship program starts with a three-week orientation and training course at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri, aiming to prepare fellows for the rigors of living and working in the United States, both personally and professionally. Ethics, writing, editing, multimedia reporting, investigative reporting, and data journalism are among the topics covered in seminars and hands-on training. Fellows and staff join together for advanced training sessions in the midst of the program. For five months, fellows work on the staff of one or more major American news organizations. A final seminar in Washington enables them to compare and analyze their experiences, discuss their opinions of American media, and study and practice presentations that they may deliver in their home countries to share what they’ve learned with colleagues.

Aim of the program:

  • To offer the fellows reporting, writing, editing, producing, and editorial decision-making experience that will improve their future professional performance.
  • To familiarize the colleague with the industry’s technical developments;th
  • To provide the fellow with a practical grasp of the role and importance of the free press in American society.
  • To share what I’ve learned on the program with my coworkers at home;
    To maintain relations between the United States’ free press institutions and journalists and their equivalents in other nations.

Worth of Award:

  • The fellowship covers all costs of program-related international and domestic U.S. travel, and health insurance and provides a monthly stipend to cover basic living expenses.
  • It is highly recommended that fellows bring additional money with them.
  • While family members may visit for up to one month, they cannot accompany the fellow for the duration of the fellowship.

Eligibility: Journalists of all Nationalities are invited to apply

How to Apply: You can apply by filling out the application form available on their website

Deadline:  Submit the application by August 31, 2022.

Visit the official website for more information.

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