Africa Blockchain Incubation Program for Indigenous Startups 2022

For the Africa Blockchain Incubation Program for Indigenous Startups in Egypt and Zimbabwe in 2022, the Africa Blockchain Institute is accepting applications.

Africa Blockchain Incubation Program for Indigenous Startups 2022

The African Blockchain Incubator Program is a structured program aimed at developing African Blockchain Startups.

This framework allows entrepreneurs to generate ideas and put them into action using Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Technologies that are underrepresented in Egypt’s and Zimbabwe’s local innovation and entrepreneurship landscapes.

It is made up of the following elements:

  • Block chain technology, which gives an overview of the technology as well as linkages to the sector.
  • Corporate education gives knowledge of the business world, contacts in the sector, and introductions to investors.

Worth of Award

Qualified individuals will be groomed in this way.

  • Workshops are held over the course of four months in an organized format.
  • Training,
  • Development,
  • Mentoring sessions and community events are also available.
  • establishing relationships with major Blockchain experts and investors

Africa Blockchain Incubation Program Requirements

The institution is searching for forward-thinking, imaginative people who are willing to take on new challenges in order to create the next Big Thing.

These candidates must be devoted to the project, industrious, and have good computer scientific credentials.

C++, Javascript, Python, and Solidity knowledge are all advantageous. Mathematics, statistics, business/entrepreneurship, economics, cryptography, blockchain, and other related subjects are all valuable assets.

Candidates should, in particular,

  • be Egyptian or Zimbabwean citizens
  • be between the ages of 20 and 35.
  • have a compelling business case and market potential

Keep in mind that

  • Female applicants are given priority.
  • Companies in the concept stage as well as those in the early stages (1 year) are welcome to apply.

How to Apply for Africa Blockchain Incubation Program

All submissions for the Africa Blockchain Incubation Program for Indigenous Startups must be submitted via the official website.

Deadline: The application deadline is January 31, 2022.

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