Acumen Accelerator 2022 for Ventures Serving Displaced People ($75,000 grant)

The Acumen Accelerator 2022 for Ventures Serving Displaced People is now accepting applications.

Acumen Accelerator 2022

Refine and build a scalable business model that promotes sustainable livelihoods for East Africans who have been forcibly relocated.

Refugee-owned, refugee-led, or refugee-supporting social enterprises can help unlock the potential of forcibly displaced communities by promoting self-reliance: the social and economic ability of forcibly displaced people and their host communities to meet their basic needs without relying on outside assistance.

This accelerator will empower leaders with moral leadership lessons, business skills, and learnings from our portfolio firms to confidently develop their enterprises and establish scalable, inclusive, and sustainable solutions for social entrepreneurs that work in or desire to expand into this field.

Program Details

Two members of your leadership team will study the fundamentals of establishing a scalable business model that achieves both profitability and impact over the course of ten weeks. You’ll analyze how your company model already serves forcibly displaced persons and their host communities and test ideas to expand access to the FDP market while working digitally with a close-knit cohort of entrepreneurial peers.

You’ll learn how to fund your growing business, practice pitching, and get comments and advice from Acumen’s network.

You’ll also have access to industry- and impact-specific case studies, video lessons, and practical readings, as well as one-on-one assistance and coaching from our staff.

You’ll complete weekly assignments to help you think critically about your business model and introduce best practices for reaching and serving forcibly displaced populations and then participate in weekly interactive Learning Labs with your cohort members to give and receive feedback and learn together.

You’ll learn about Acumen’s Moral Leadership strategies like Listening to Unheard Voices and Partnering with Humility and Audacity along the trip. These abilities are essential for every leader who wants to rethink what society and the workplace can be and implement change.


Learn how to:

  • Develop a lucrative and scalable company model by refining and developing it through the market, workforce, and value-chain entry points, identify major prospects for development while aiding either displaced or host communities.
  • Develop the hard-edged leadership qualities required to create more effective, inclusive, and long-term company solutions.
  • Sharpen your presentation abilities and practice presenting to a group of investors and entrepreneurs for a chance to win a share of $75,000 in grant money.
  • Create a professional network and community of East African social entrepreneurs dedicated to addressing displacement and injustice.

Acumen Accelerator 2022 | Eligibility Criteria

Entrepreneurs that meet the following criteria are eligible:

Run a for-profit social venture in Kenya, Uganda, or Ethiopia; Are promoting self-sufficiency among forcibly displaced people and their hosting communities in one of the following ways:

  • Serving displaced communities, forcibly displaced people, and/or hosting displaced communities as consumers.
  • Providing quality labor and employment to displaced communities, forcibly displaced people, and hosting communities
  • Sourcing from those who have been displaced, those who are at risk of being displaced, or those who are sheltering them
  • Have at least a one-to-three-year track record, some market traction, and are ready to scale;
  • Teams that promote climate-resilient solutions will be given special consideration.

How to Apply for the Acumen Accelerator 2022

Take your time answering the questions on the application form so Acumen can learn more about your job and its appropriateness for the program. They utilize the information you offer to pick who to interview for the program, so take your time. The form takes about an hour to complete on average.

Click here to apply.

Deadline: April 12, 2022

Visit Acumen Accelerator Program for more details.

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